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Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Dump!

It's been a long, cold winter everywhere, and the grounds of Chez Ginger have been ravaged by the unseasonable winter we just had! This is the worst time of year for a gardener in Texas: everything you want has frozen back, and the only thing growing are the weeds that come with a vengeance once the danger of the last frost is over!

The subtropical climate extends the growing season for everything here, including weeds, and this time of year they pop up everywhere! Even though Miss Ginger tries her best to keep her yard free of them, here in the historic Heights, the lots are so small it's impossible to keep seeds from blowing over from less pristine yards! The worst are these dandelions that take over everything, and they make wimpy yellow flowers that blow seeds everywhere! The challenge for Texas gardeners is not how to make things grow- around here, you can pretty much stick it in the dirt and it will prosper! The bigger challenge is keeping the beds clean a neat!

Thank Goddess for Miss Ginger's favorite garden product: Roundup! (Not to be confused with Miss Ginger's favorite drag show: RoundUp!
She sure does wish they made hairspray in the handy "Pump and Go" container!

Miss G knows that eventually the Texas heat will burn up these tender spring weeds, and they will be choked out on the lawn by aggressive St. Augustine runners. Meanwhile, she'll spend her weekends spraying and plucking- weeds that is! A real lady never plucks- she tweezes!


Kailyn said...

I used to use one of those two prong things to pull dandelions out -- roots and all. I feel your pain.

David Dust said...

Such the green thumb!!!


Lisa said...

SF and I are just getting the yard here in Pearland ready for the Spring additions as well as the possibility of replacing some of the palms that may not have survived the freeze. Keep posting about the resources you prefer...I may need professional help with some of this stuff!

Char said...

You can always clip the greens to add to your salads. I've never tried them, but it looks like you may have a bumper crop of dandelions!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looking forward to spring and getting some yard time in.

Zombie Mom said...

I am a'skeered of the Round Up. My yard needs a 911 intervention - and sadly I have the thumb of death when it comes to planting. I need garden elves...

Joy said...

I don't like to do yard work but would love to have a beautiful one. I admire you and others who enjoy doing all that.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that your devoted yard girl is own the way to save the day@she has been busy w/yards but will always put you on the top of the list. MBC


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