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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miss Ginger Hates the Gym!

Really, she does! That's why she's so "curvy"! You lift a heavy object, you set it down, you do it again. You call that exercize. She calls it indecision!
That's why she likes yoga... it's kinda like dancing, but not so complicated. Plus, she likes the names of the poses! They sound so funny, and she can never remember them all, but she has memory devices to remember the "landmark" poses so she doesn't get lost! And Darla doesn't even get mad when she sometimes giggles in class when she thinks of these silly names!

Some are easy to remember, if not so easy to do! Utkatasana is the sanskrit name for "Awkward Pose", which it certainly is!

Some of the rest are harder on the tongue and the memory!

Ardha Chandrasana is the Half Moon Pose, but Miss G can only remember it as Artichokeasana!

Dandayamana - Dhanurasana is the Standing Bow Pulling Pose, which Miss G remembers as Dandymanasana!

Balancing stick is Tuladandasana, which of course Miss Ginger remembers as Tallulahndasana!

And finally, Supta - Vajrasana; Fixed Firm, or The Reclining Hero's Pose, which of course makes Miss G think of this:

On a lot of the others, she can never remember the name, but it doesn't really matter if a bitch can get her legs up over her head! For the record, Miss G cannot, but a girl can dream, can she not?


David Dust said...

The more you describe this Yoga thing, the more I decide I never want to get anywhere near it.

Although the pictures of that cutie doing the poses were nice...


Miss Ginger Grant said...

DD: DUH!!!

kayce. said...

yes a girl can, honey... i, too, dream of one day getting my ankles, *ahem* LEGS over my head. no idea why. :D

i've never seen the reclining hero pose before, but it looks hard as hell! also, like all yogis, the guy in the picture is making it all look so easy... his half moon REALLY looks like half of a damned moon. mine looks like a crescent moon at best. :))

Jane R said...

I do the same thing! Triangle Pose is "trichinosis" ... Reclining Hero is "soup to nuts".


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