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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dentist to the Star Quoted on MSN!!

You met him first here on TFBOMGG and now he's been picked up by MSN!!

Miss Ginger's personal dentist, Dr. Randy Mitchmore, has been quoted (several times!) in an article on MSN!

Doctor Randy is the artist responsible for Miss G's million dollar smile! If you read this article and discover you've fallen prey to some of the nasty habits that cause teeth to fail, Dr. R is your man! If you make that kind of investment in your smile, it's worth getting a recommendation from someone you can trust, so trust, gurl- if you need serious dental work, consider coming to Houston to have it done by the best in the nation!! It's totally worth the trip!


Mr.Mischief said...

Miss G, if I had the money I would-years of violent ulcers have wrecked my mouth..I'm gonna start buying lottery tickets and we will see after a bit :)

Zombie Mom said...

One of the first things I asked you about where your fucking fabulous teeth- at Garage- when we walked in. I totally want to come to Houston and get my smile done. I have cracked the enamel on my front teeth grinding this past year. I am seriously getting my teeth done- maybe I should call you to chat teeth?

Joy said...

Well, your teeth are quite an advertisement for his work. I remember the post and pictures. Fab teeth!


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