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Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrity Death March 2010 Begins....

Remember last year's Celebrity Death March? Well, this March, it's back, with the passing of at least 3 celebrities. Albeit B-list celebrities, they are, nonetheless, dead.

We start with Peter Graves, remembered most fondly by my generation for his classic role in the movie "Airplane", where he uttered that immortal line "Do you like gladiator movies?!"

I seem to recall Momma G talking about how in his younger day, a young PG really "buttered her bread", but he never really did much for Miss G.

Next up, Merlin Olsen, best known for his role as an ancillary character on "Little House on the Prairie". So forgettable was that spot that Miss can't remember the character's name, or really his reason for being on the show. I'm pretty sure in those days he would have been considered a "drifter".

MO (?!) started his career in sports, which would typically tickle Miss G's loins. As you can see by his trading card, this was not the case in his situation.

Finally, Fess Parker, of Davy Crockett fame. Miss G remembers her brothers watching Davy Crockett on Sunday nights with Daddy. Miss G happily went to bed early.

Fess did not age well, but I'm not sure what one would expect from someone named "Fess". Really, Mrs. Parker: what WERE you thinking? C'mon- Fess up!" (Badomp-bomp! Ching! I'm here all week!)
So, on to Miss G's favorite part of the Celebrity Death March: READER PREDICITONS!!!!!!
Who will be next???


Kailyn said...

Although I love Airplane, when I think of Peter Graves, I will always think of Mission Impossible.

behrmark said...

Long before Mission: Impossible and Airplane! Peter Graves was the bad guy in "Stalag 17." He was SO handsome! Merlin there anything to say other than "WOOF!" And Fess Parker, I must admit, was already gone in my mind.

And my dear, you failed to mention Nan Martin ("Drew Carey Show") and Corey Haim ("Lost Boys").

Beth said...

I didn't hear until just today that Peter Graves had died. He was actually a fine actor.

I was going to mention Corey Haim, too.


Aurora said...

What about JD Salinger (not an actor but still very well known), Zelda Rubenstein (from Poltergeist), and Casey Johnson (heiress & fiancee of Tila Tequila)

Anonymous said...

Burt Reynolds is now in a drug rehab due to addiction to painkillers. He was at death's door allegedly before he check in. MBC


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