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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Sandal Season!!!

Of course, Miss Ginger maintains an immaculate pedicure at all times, what with her busy social calendar and all! But she realized with the warm weather approaching, it was time to pack up Boy G and send him out for his annual hoove scraping! I swear, by the time that little Vietnamese girl finished with Boy G he had lost 10 pounds, just from the PedEgg alone!!

Because Miss Ginger can't be everywhere, sometimes she has to send Boy G out to do her bidding, and she certainly couldn't let him run around in shorts and flip flops with crusty feet!!!

At the risk of you all thinking Miss G is some weirdo pedifetishist, she does want to remind you how dashing a man can look when it seems as though he's ready to just kick his shoes off and get busy!!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i wish more people knew how beneficial proper foot care could be for their well-being! plus no one wants to get crusty ass feet rubbed against them.

is your yoga teacher trained in the budhist traditions?


David Dust said...

Franky G!!!!!!

Oh, how good he and I will look in our June wedding.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Miss A: she's respectful to the traditions to a point, but I don't think she's budhist. Not really sure, honestly.

DD: Whose blog do you think I swiped the photo from? I'm thinking beach wedding!

Kailyn said...

At the end of last summer I bought a PediEgg so I could do some maintenance during the winter months. I am usually so embarrassed that first appointment of the spring.


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