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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Drag Queen!!

Gurl- I. Am. BUSY!!!

Last night was FFHH for the Krewe, and Aurora's BRB Candidate show. Miss G never quite made it to the latter! Miss G had a long day at work and those Bud Lights were just sliding down too easily!

Today, there's a birthday party for Momma Locke down in Pearland. Now, Miss G loves Momma Locke dearly and wouldn't miss her party for the world- but, as you can see by this map- Pearland is very far away, and no roads lead to it!

Still, it's better than West Columbia, where she used to live. Again, if you refer to the map, you will see that West Columbia has fallen off the edge of the Earth and no longer exists! Good thing Momma sold the house when she did! Miss Ginger's riding with Mom and Dad... she doesn't want to take Veronique off-road!

Tomorrow, there's a silent auction and fund raiser for Bunnies on the Bayou at Guava Lamp. Miss Ginger LOVES her some bunnies, and she hears the baskets are well-stuffed. Oh, and they have Easter things to raffle off, as well!

Hope you FABULOUS people are having a FABULOUS weekend as well!


Ginger Simpson said...

Wow...I use Google Alerts to help me track places where my books are reviewed or my interviews posted. Imagine my surprise when I found you! I enjoyed your post, and I admit, I'll probably visit again. I love Rupaul's Drag Race. *snap*

mistress maddie said...

Girl, I think it is a busy time for all us of late. I'm glad you are doing well and you too have a good weekend dear. I know I'm getting out to the flower show- it's a heat wave up here now- 54 degrees today! Thank God that shit melted.

Timmy said...

You're correct. There are not any roads that lead to Pearland which made me Tardy To The Party.

BTW...where is my shirt in that photo?


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