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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sit or Stand?

Those clever Europeans have done it again... invented a product that doesn't make sense!

The No-mix toilet separates pee and poop at the source, rather than in the sewage treatment facility. Apparently, the nitrogen in urine is extremely hard to remove from the general sewage stream, and the sewage treatment process can be made much more efficient if urine is not present.

Okay, it kinda makes sense... but it will never fly in America. Here's why;

1. It requires all users to sit while urinating in order to work. American men won't do that. And the "hovering" maneuver that women do would mix it all up anyway!

2. It would require a tandem sewage pipeline, right? Or else, we'd be putting buckets of piss out with our green recycling bins? Ewe!

3. The energy savings at the processing plant would probably not be sufficient to cover the infrastructure requirements for many, many years.

America already has a technology that helps, and is becoming more and more commonplace... at least in men's rooms!
Waterfree urinals have only drains- no fresh water connection at all! There is a chamber in the bottom with a thick, gelatinous substance through which urine flows, and is trapped on the drain side. No flushing, no water, no smell! Boy Ginger has used these and they work extremely well!

Now, currently in the US, these units are drained into the same sewage systems as the rest of our garbage. But think about it- most of us spend most of our day away from home. We pee a few times at home, but most of our urine flows at work, or other public places.

So, a green-minded community COULD install dual sewage systems in densely populated downtown areas, or places like stadiums or shopping malls, where large numbers of people congregate and urinate. In the men's room, toilets would connect to the "dirty" sewage line, and the urinals would connect to the other. Perhaps the "No-mix" commode could be used in the ladies rooms, which I assume has separate sewage connections for each "function". Then, from these high-output zones, separate pipes would carry the pre-sorted waste to treatment facilities where it could be more efficiently processed!

And, it takes a Drag Queen to figure this out! I mean, who else uses both restrooms?!


Kailyn said...

Sorry but both restrooms would need the no-mix toilet. You obviously have not attended events in which the line for the ladies' has gotten out control and the women storm the men's room.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for the dual perspective :o)

mistress maddie said...

I know thats right about using both restrooms sister! But why are we talking about pee and poop again? If anything you always crack me up!

Kyle said...

As an eco-freak I love the concept of the water free urinal. Thanks for giving it exposure Miss G!


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