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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Day Has Finally Come!!!

No, not St. Patrick's Day, silly! That comes every year!!!

Today is the grand opening of a very special place right here in the Heights, Darla's Yoga Garden!!!

Miss Ginger was first introduced to Darla several years ago when she had another studio here in town. The first time she went, she thought she was going to DIE! And she was like "WTF? Why would anyone want to DO this?!"

At that point, Darla was teaching a pretty strict Bikram series, with the Bikram instructed dialogue and the Bikram-taught expectation of yoga room discipline. Sometimes it was kinda rough, as you were instructed to "lift... more... reach... higher... pull...pull...pull!!!"

But then, after it was all over, and Miss Ginger had washed the sweat off and gotten her breath back, she thought "I DID it!" What an accomplishment!! Plus, it was the cleanest, purest feeling afterward! And, that night, she slept like a baby!! After that, she was pretty much "a regular".

That original studio closed. Drama ensued. Yoga ceased for a while. Then, Miss G got an unexpected email from Darla that said, basically, "for those of you who wish to do yoga with me, I have found a place!"

Darla had found a place to do yoga, and a place of peace for her soul. Pursuant to the drama mentioned above, Darla no longer taught "Bikram" yoga, she taught "hot yoga". No "brand name" meant there was no expectation that the "franchise" be respected. She could teach as she wanted. Teach as she needed. And teach, she did!

A room above the kitchen at the local Hare Krishna sat unused- uncomfortable, hot, and too difficult to air condition. So, the Krishnas installed mirrors and a dragon heater and rented it to Darla to practice her craft!

It was fun to meet Darla at the temple and do yoga! There we were, in our special yoga clothes, with our special yoga mats, and our special water bottles, driving expensive imported cars- and there were the Hare Krishnas- often in their unusual garb and interesting hairdos, living their life of devotion. And there was mutual respect. And admiration. And love.

We had great yoga at the temple. Small classes. People who were there for the yoga, not for the "scene." We discovered "silent" yoga, with sitar music, and kirtans, and amzing relaxation. Darla practice with us, but always kept a mindful eye on the students as well.

But, as the saying goes, "all good things come to and end", and the lease expired, and it was not renewed. Again, no yoga. A breakup in Ginger's life. Chaos at work. And lots and lots of Pinot Grigio! So, for Miss G, 40 pounds later, the day has finally come!!!

Over the past year (more?) Darla has converted a darling cottage in the Heights into Darla's Yoga Garden, a place where she and her students can practice and share their love of yoga! It's been a long haul! Do you know the engineering it takes to heat a room to 110 degrees? There were kerfuffles with the city. A handicap ramp?! Really?! We have to have a handicap ramp at a private yoga studio? Bubbling floors. Yes, it takes special adhesive to glue the tile down in a 100 degree room! Shouldn't a flooring professional know these things?!

But, it's all done!!! Miss Ginger has been one of the lucky few who has had the opportunity to practice during the "soft opening" classes, given free by Darla as she ensures the workings and amenities of her yoga boutique are in place. It's a lovely facility, and Miss G is thrilled to have such a great place to work on her mind, her spirit, and her big fat body!!!

Through all this time, for Miss G, when there was no Darla, there was no yoga. Miss G wasn't interested in practicing with anyone else. Darla knows about Miss G's quirky back. Darla knows about Miss G's completely fallen arches, making her feet completely worthless at supporting the one-legged poses. And Darla watches Miss G for signs her blood pressure is rising, and encourages her to sit and calm herself when the need arises.

No, Miss G could never do yoga without Darla. It would just feel dirty! And that kinda defeats the purpose, right?


Zombie Mom said...

That is so wonderful. A yoga community is such a gift to have in life! I feel lucky to have had one or two and one day will have another.

I love what hot yoga/bikram can do and so quickly for the body.

Unfortunately, bikram causes head to toe ezcema in me (birka yoga is what it becomes). I cannot wait to hear how your yoga practice will help your back, feet, and spirit!!

Yeah! When I visit Texas next (someday) we will have to yoga it up together


kayce. said...

jealous, jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!

but i'm so excited for a post (and maybe pics?) of your first trip.

there's a place near the midtown/buckhead line that does "hot" yoga, but i've never tried it. shoot, as much as i sweat during regular yoga, i'd prob get dehydrated in birkram LOL.

i'm interested in taking yoga classes one day, but idk... i don't think i'd get as lucky as you finding a fab instructor, but who knows? ^_^ plus, i only know wii fit yoga for now, which is barely any (plus their poses are somewhat modified). maybe after i get a basic knowledge and stamina down.

anyway, i'm so excited that i have a yoga blog buddy ~ color me outta the loop, but i had no idea you were into it. can't wait to hear all about your progress!

have fun!

David Dust said...

Girl, I had no idea you were so Zen.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do LESS than Yoga. Oh, wait, I just thought of something ... HOT YOGA!! So you'll have to do it for the both of us.


MadeInScotland said...

Mmmm. I'll tell Xfe. He is very into yoga, and bikram is his thing!
he goes to the City Yoga bikram at Old St. No garden there...



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