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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Beautiful Day!

It's been a beautiful day in South Texas today, and it has totally made up for the crappy couple of days Miss G had earlier in the week! The weather has been cool, dry, and FABULOUS, and without a cloud in the sky, the stars and planets shine each night like jewels! Miss G walked out to check on Nog around dusk today, and because the atmosphere was so dry and clear, the sky was crisscrossed with vapor trails from high flying aircraft that literally lingered for hours. There was one that was so long Miss G couldn't find the beginning or the end! She decided the jet must be flying from New York to somewhere exotic like Buenos Aires or Caracas, and snapped a photo because it was so unusual. She wishes she'd had a wide-angle lens so you could see that it truly stretched from horizon to horizon!
The day started with breakfast with the gang, then Miss G got some work stuff done, then painted the headpiece for her costume and actually started sewing on the garment itself. It is truly "costume" sewing with shapes that stand away from the body, and engineered elements that hold the fabric into rigid positions, which is very different from dressmaking or tailoring! Miss G knew that regular plastic garment boning would be way too weak, so she experimented with lengths of plastic moulding that she found at Home Depot, and is excited to report that it looks like it is going to work!
She paid bills, cooked dinner, and cleared the DVR so she's all caught up on TV! What a FABULOUS day!
Miss G feels compelled to end with a public service announcement, although she's not sure if she has any readers with small children. But if you do, dear reader, please make sure that your large screen TV is on a stable structure and bolted to the wall if at all possible! Today's Houston Chronicle reported that a child was killed by a falling flat screen, and it's the 11th such death in the Houston area this year! Having handled her share of those things, Miss G knows that they are VERY front heavy, and are quite prone to tipping forward if they are not secured!
This has been a public service announcement from The FABULOUS Blog Of Miss Ginger Grant!
We now return you to your regular blogging!


Beth said...

Glad to hear your had such a great day! I love the picture of the plane's trail.

Good point about the TV's. We don't have kids in the house, but I can attest to the fact of how heavy these TV's are. Ken and I could barely lift it up onto the stand, and neither of us are wimpy!


miss alaineus said...

google 'chemtrails'. just humor me on this one, it's a pretty interesting search.

it's definitely not 'eco-lite' reading!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Yea, I had a hard time lifting the
TV up, and I am not wimpy. Just kidding, but it was heavy.

Glad you are caught up with things and that you had a beautiful day.


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