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Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Not Just Clean- It's FABULOSO!®

Miss Ginger just threw the greatest dinner party, if she does say so herself! She made a delicious Frenched pork loin on the rotisserie, along with roasted root vegetables and steamed brocolli. Not to mention, some of her very best friends, including "Mom" and "Dad", Sonna and Miss Dee, and Marianne were in attendance! Unfortunately, Miss Annie was under the weather, but we sent her a plate home so she could enjoy the yummy meal as well.

After the party Miss G loaded up the dishwasher and wiped down the kitchen with FABULOSO®, her favorite cleaner. It has no disenfectant properties, and it doesn't cut grease, but it smells, well, FABULOUS! It makes the whole house smell like a lavendar meadow, and considering that before it smelled like turnips, bacon, and brocolli, it's nothing short of a miracle! If Miss G has an OCD tendency, it's a paranoia of household odors, so FABULOSO® helps her retain her sanity! Plus, it's called FABULOSO®! How could she not love it?!
Now, back to our regularly schedule blog!


Beth said...

I saw the pics on Facebook--looks like it was a great time!

I've fixed a few pork loins in my time, but I have to say I've never frenched one!! Does that make them melt-in-your-mouth tender? Hee hee!


Dannelle said...

Oh my, Beth is witty today! Naughty, naughty! I love to use "Holy Cow" and it's pink! Dannelle
alara: an outdoor credenza; The plants looked lovely on the moss covered alara in the atrium.

Timmy said...

I have seen Fabuloso at the $1 store but have never tried it. Thanx for the fabuloso review.

Anonymous said...

A lavendar meadow is way better than the bleachy, chemical smell my current cleaner leaves.

I don't suppose I could wheedle that pork loin recipe out of you, could I? If I said pretty please?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad your dinner went swell :o)

I would have a bottle and take a nip or two while waiting for the guests though :o)

Miss Ginger Grant said...

The port loin is really easy, but it's "showy" enough for a company meal.
Buy a bone in pork loin (the bone is the secret to juiciness and great flavor!). I bought mine already frenched and tied at Whole Foods Market.
Season it liberally with minced garlic (the preminced kind in a jar works great) and your favorite seasoning mixture (I use Tones® Rosemary and Garlic from Sam's Club).
Roast in the oven or on your grill at about 350 degrees until a meat thermometer read abou 140 degrees. This will be less than the "pork" temperature indicated on the thermometer, but Martha Stewart swears it is safe to cook pork to "medium" and I can attest! If you cook it any longer it will dry out. Mine took a little over an hour. Yumm!

Yasmin said...

lmao Now I know who you are from Facebook, I didn't know your real please tell me what Frenched Pork is?




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