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Monday, December 22, 2008

It Never Really Feels Like Christmas 'til the Cat Starts S%!#ting Tinsel!

Only there'll be no tinsel sh%#&ting this year at Miss Ginger's house, because she didn't even put a tree up! Didn't need one, since she only bought 3 presents this year, and they are gift cards going to the neice and nephews at their house. Plus, she wouldn't have had time to enjoy it- it would have only been needles to sweep up this year. She got what she wanted for Christmas, though- shiny new teeth.
She missed Marcia's show last night- apparently there were bad winds in Houston and snow in Newark that jammed the whole system up, not to mention the charred remains of a plane off the runway in Denver. Thinking about that plane and all those people (luckily they all survived) made it easy for Miss G to wait patiently until the captain said it would be safe to land in Houston. She made it safe and sound, and only 4 hours late! Sorry, Marcia dear, but I'll catch ya next time, sweetie!
It was really cold in South Texas today! It was cold this am, which is not uncommon, but this afternoon when Miss G went for lunch, it was still cold- it didn't warm up like it usually does. And when she left the office, it was colder still! So she's in her sweats now, ready to polish off a bowl of Miss Alaineous's FABULOUS cabbage soup, and then she's gonna snuggle with the kitties 'till tomorrow comes!


Beth said...

Aww, I'm sorry you had to miss the show!

LOL, we don't use tinsel either. Not just because of Sheeba, but criminy, what a mess!

Hugs, Beth

miss alaineus said...

glad the recipe worked for you! feels like 20 below outside right now, i actually paid my neighbor 5 bucks to clean the snow off my car.

aduckalt--what the family in a chirstmas story had for xmas dinner, a duck, alt for turkey because the stinkin bumpus hounds ate it.


miss alaineus said...

i think my cat would cough up tinsel and make a big sparkly hairball with it.


i've got to get some support hose, these baryose veins are killing me!


miss alaineus said...

this one is too good to leave for the next guy.

cransub- when you want to color pink but all you can find is rose.


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