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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Only in Texas! WTF?!

Why is it that embarassing shit like this only ever seems to happen in Texas?

Mr. Buck's severed head recovered from suspect's home
By PEGGY O'HARE Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
Officers have arrested a man in the decapitation of Mr. Buck, a beloved deer at Bear Creek Pioneers Park's wildlife sanctuary.
Brandon Eugene Gregory, 23, was arrested at his home late Friday by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officers and Harris County Precinct 5 deputies. He is charged with taking a wildlife resource without landowner consent — a state jail felony offense. His bond is set at $5,000.
Mr. Buck's severed head was recovered at Gregory's apartment in the 13300 block of West Road, said Harris County prosecutor Eric Bily. The animal's head had not yet been mounted on a wall.
Gregory will likely be charged with other crimes, and more arrests related to Mr. Buck's death are probable, Bily said.
The killing and mutilation of Mr. Buck shocked animal lovers across the Houston area. The 8- to 10-point buck was comfortable around people and would let park visitors scratch his chin.
But on Nov. 25, a park ranger found the white-tailed deer's headless carcass in a pool of blood. Intruders had cut a four-foot hole in a chain-link fence to reach the animal.
Bily said he believes Mr. Buck's head was severed with a knife and bolt cutters. He expects the evidence will show Gregory was hurt while struggling with the deer during the confrontation.
Gregory could not be reached for comment later today. His girlfriend, who answered the door at his northwest Harris County apartment, became tearful and said she could not talk to the media.
Some law-abiding hunters are worried that people will unfairly lump them into this illegal activity, Bily said.
"This guy is not a hunter," Bily said of the arrested man. "This is very different from what hunters do."
A Crime Stoppers tip led officers to Gregory. He and the other suspects were mostly cooperative and gave statements to the investigating officers, Bily said.
If convicted of the charge, Gregory could face 180 days to two years in jail and a fine ranging from $1,500 to $10,000.
More information on the break in the case will be released at a news conference this afternoon.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Bring him on, I will do my best raised hoof attack and kick his butt. How tragic and sad.

miss alaineus said...

wtf indeed! perhaps he will be shanked by peta members already in prison.


sh...ionik d is in the house...everybody put their hands in the air, and wave em like they just dont care...

miss alaineus said...

ps the raccoons are cute as hell!

they are always around here, like overstuffed rats routing through the garbage cans and Dumpsters.

andogra--- the new viagra!

miss alaineus said...


people addicted to christmas decorations who never take them down, never.

Beth said...

I hope they throw the buck--er, book at the creep!

Seriously, that's just deplorable. Gee, do you think alcohol was involved?!



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