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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowed In, Vegas Style!

Oh, for the love of all that is holy, how does Miss Ginger get into these messes?! Here she sits, snowed into Las Vegas, Nevada, with all flights cancelled and nothing to do for 2 days! She's on hold with travel services right now cancelling her market trip to NOLA because the airlines can't get her out of Vegas until Saturday! What the hell is she gonna do for 2 days?
She's had enough of the slot machines- or they've had enough of her, anyway!

She could go downstairs to the Kim Vo salon to get her hair done, but she didn't bring any of it with her. She could spend the day shopping at Caesar's, the Venetian, of the new Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, but there's not a Lane Bryant at any of those!
She even thought about going to the Riviera to catch Frank Marino's show, but, honestly, who wants to get out in this weather?! So she's gonna sit here and stew while she waits for her ibuprofen to kick in, and then she'll have to figure it out! I'm sure she can scare up some kind of mischief in 2 days!


Beth said...

In Vegas? I KNOW there is trouble to be found and mischief to be made!

I'm stunned to hear that they've canceled all flights. Where's global warming when you need it?


Zombie Mom said...

Hiya Ms. Ginger -

Thanks for swinging by Purses and Poop. I will be back to dig into a nice long read (when not at work)- Hope you are well!!!

I think some of my pals in Vegas right now.... Kinsey Sicks...

Check them out.. they are fab


miss alaineus said...

we are about to be snowed in here in the feral mitten state as well. no school tomorrow!

what do you call it when your internet provider goes on the fritz?

an epane in the neck!



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