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Monday, December 8, 2008

One Down, One to Go!

After a false start, Raccoon #1 is off to the city's raccoon daycare! When Miss G got home from work, Bentley, the pesky neighborhood tabby who always picks fights with Nog, was caught in the trap! Miss G let him out, and reset the trap, thinking that the window of opportunity had been lost for tonight. But au contraire, after a few short hours we had a prisoner!

At first we weren't sure whether we had caught the wife or the husband, but now there's pretty solid evidence that we have the wife. Here's why:

1.) while the wife was held captive, the husband continued to sniff around looking for food.

2.) while the wife was held captive, the husband lolly-gagged around, licking his balls for the thrill of it, and

3.) while his wife was held captive, the husband pranced and flirted like a college kid on spring break!
Tommorrow we're gonna catch that asshat and teach him a thing or 2 about respect!


Beth said...

ROFL, Miss G! I notice that in the third picture, you can see the wife in the trap, looking at her husband, like, "Stop f***ing around and get me out of this thing!" Hee heee!

OMG, aren't they the cutest little things, though?


Dannelle said...

Those little bandits! Quite cute but vicious- And do not handle for any reason- they carry some sort of infectious stuff that can make you go blind! Really!!! Dannelle

LIKIENGE: Valley girl revenge; I totally got likienge on that skank!

mistress maddie said...

Oh my God Miss G your to much! That is funny as hell. Maybe you should dress up Nog like a female racoon to lure him in. Then snag! That'll learn him.

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Blaine said...

At least they haven't moved into the house due to the weather. Those little bandits just show up and take over the place...... I once heard a story of a racoon going into a house, going upstairs to a fabulous closet and then hiding in the clothes. LOL

Dan said...

I'm a farm girl, I loved my pet raccoon. Arent they the cutest things ever?


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