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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Plan: Quiet Evening at the Hotel....

The reality:
It all started well.. After a nice nap, Miss G decided to check ou the newly renovated Mirage Volcano, have a cocktail, and then a nice dinner in one of the Mirages' fabulous restaurants.
We never made it past the cocktail!
The volcano was Ultra-fabulous! The new Mirage Volcano is to fire what the Bellagio Fountains are to water! The entire show is choreographed to a drumbeat composed by Great Dead drummer Pete Wentz, and the fire balls and fountains are truly spectacular! Loved it!
Then a very wind-chilled Miss G went inside to the Beatles Revolution bar for a martini before dinner. She never left! Between the adorable staff and the interesting customers, Miss G never got hungry! About the time Miss G thought surely it was time to head to the room, Robbie Knievel (Evil's son) plopped down beside her, and Miss G was so starstruck she had to have several more cocktails!!!
Robbie was quite a flirt, and Miss G is pretty sure she coulda had her way with him, one way or another, if ya get my drift. But that's the prob: Miss G doesn't do drifters!
So now she's in the room eating tuna and potato salads (not the same dish) and wondering what tomorrow will bring!


miss alaineus said...

lovin the gigawatt smile!!!!
miss alaineus also has too much class for the fly by night and indecisive!

i thought i wanted a colie but now i got a cat...


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Very nice Miss Ginger! Glad you had a great time! Maybe you should of taken Robbie upstairs, my word verification today for your blog is scrumen!

David Dust said...

You should have thrown Mr. Knievel in the shower - washed him up - and then done him.

Sex with Drifters can be HOT. Or so I've been told...


Beth said...

Sounds like a blast--literally!--and it's cool to hear that they've really jazzed up the volcano. We'll be sure to check it out.

Your smile looks awesome!



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