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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Sign from Momma G!

Miss Ginger is not a religious person, as you know, but she is a faithful person and does believe in God, and is not willing to deny the existece of His Son, Christ our Saviour. She admits it's kind of a far fetched story, but she hasn't lived a clean enough life to risk not pledging her faith. She hopes she hasn't offended anyone's beliefs with this revelation, this is simply her beliefs.

Anyway, as she waxes nostalgic though her 2nd bottle of pinot grigio, she has decided to unpack a few more family decorations. She started with a stained glass nativity given to Momma G by her brother, Brother AuGeo, a real honest to God, wine-making, high school teaching Christian Brother (only he teaches college.) Anyway, it was never a nativity that Momma G set out. And now Miss G remembers why- the Baby Jesus is missing. Miss G is going to try to make one out of a pinot grigio bottle tomorrow. Art is art.
Miss G also came across the "dime store" (remember those???! TG&Y?!!) nativity that Momma G did sometimes set out. As Miss G unwrapped the pieces onto the dining room table, Jackson and Shelby instantly fell to their knees in reverance.
After a minute I realized why.... Momma G's nativity had 2 Josephs!! (There was a Mary, too, in the bottom of the box.) It's the only family unit these babies have ever known! I think in her way Momma G is sending me a sign that she's glad I'm happy, healthy, and safe! Miss G never had "the talk" with Momma, although she's pretty sure Momma knew. Momma G came from a "don't ask, don't tell" generation, and Miss G happily accepted that from her! She always encouraged my interests, respected my talents, and never, ever, asked Young Ginger to repress any tendencies. While Boy G's brothers were HORRIFIED that their baby brother knew the motions to every cheer their high school cheerleaders performed, Momma G never told her to stop (I KNOW my brothers begged!) Momma G let Miss G be Miss G- and I love her so much for that! Let's raise a glass to Momma G- GOD I miss her!


miss alaineus said...

what a truly grand lady. i hope i can be like that someday.

cheers to momma g!



when you get in a fight with the ex over who is gonna keep the kitchen gadgets.

Beth said...

A cheer to Momma G. Her little boy certainly brings a smile to many of us, and I bet that would make her happy. :)

I can hardly wait to see the pinot bottle Christchild. Pictures, please!

XO Beth

Dannelle said...

Blessings from above. Do not cut yourself on Jesus! Funny, my Little Miss was caught sleeping in my antique (I got it when I was three)doll cradle. Our cats know something we don't- Love, Dannelle

surdstho: a type of sceptic tank cleaner.

Yasmin said...

Merry Christmas Ginger, and wish you a Fabulous New Year.


mistress maddie said...

Two Josephs,now that is funny! And I love the two bookends on the table with the nativity! Cute. Merry Christmas Miss G!


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