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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Bits of Meat and More

One of Miss Ginger's favorite GingerSnaps, Miss Alaineous, introduced Miss Ginger to a game of making up sentences from the random "word verification" words that Blogger sometimes requires. After the last post, Miss Alaineous came up with "weleigne" and described it as the "bits of meat left on the plate after a holiday meal." I wonder if she has any idea how close she came to describing a famous New Orleans delicacy?!
Over on Poydras street there is an ages- old restaurant called Mother's that makes creole dishes and is famous for it's po-boy sandwiches. It a very unprentious, very old establishment that has a line out the door on weekdays at lunchtime, as it has for years. Anyway, they make a sandwich they call a "debris sandwich", which is always pronounced "DAY-bree" when ordering this particular delicacy. A debris sandwich is made from all the little bits and crumbs that fall onto the carving board as roast beef is sliced. They are typically brushed away, but at Mother's they are collected and placed on white roll with gravy to make the smushiest, most gravy-laden roast beef sandwich you have ever laid a lip on! If they haven't sold a lot of roast beef, there won't be enough debris to make a sandwich, so you have to catch them on a busy day! So you see, Miss A, Debris and weleigne are almost the same thing!


Beth said...

I've read about Mother's but have never been there. Is that downtown? We've always found so much to do right in the Quarter that we haven't ventured elsewhere for lunch, or for nightlife!

Hugs, B.

miss alaineus said...

i will put that on my 'meat-to-eat-before-i-die' list.

thanks as always for the shout out!

proserp-- a professional 'snake in the grass'


mistress maddie said...

I wonder if they serve gravy as a beverage also? My heart is aching just thinking of that sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I just read a book in which one of the characters ate debris sandwiches. I had no clue what it was and it was driving me bonkers! You are a goddess, Miss Ginger!


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