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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day! Are We Missing Something?

Happy Boxing Day to Miss Ginger's readers throughout the UK and other places where the tradition is observed! Miss Ginger know's that Boxing Day is a National Holiday always observed on December 26th, but that's about all she knows about it! She has a few ideas about what it could be:
1.) It's the day after Christmas, and it clebrates the fact that we can "box up" all the ornametns and store them away for another year-
2.) It's the day after Christmas and it's the day we throw all the boxes away that our gifts came in.
3.) It's the day after Christmas and we all take off work to watch the National Championship Boxing Match on BBC.
So, some of you Brits out there, clue us in on what we're missing! How could we celebrate Boxing Day here in the US? Miss GInger is all about anything that will let us stretch out a holiday weekend!


mjr1066 said...

I'm sure we can figure out some way to celebrate Boxing Day...but I love your interpretation!

Beth said...

My pal Mort in the UK just gave me a lesson about Boxing Day on Facebook. Apparently it comes from the tradition of those who were well off giving their servants gifts on the day after Christmas!

Happy Boxing Day!

Hugs, Beth


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