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Friday, December 19, 2008

On the Road Again, pt II.

Miss Ginger can't sleep because now that she has returned to the Gulf Coast, her sinuses have gone into overload. And her teeth felt good when she went to bed so she didn't take anything. Now they hurt. So at 3 am, throbbing, (and not in a good way!) she remembered that she had seen a huge traffic backup going the other direction as she drove from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. So being the clever sort that she is, she went onto the
Lousiana Department of Transportation and Development website to see what the jig was. She certainly doesn't wanted get stuck in that cr&p tomorrow! Here's what she found: [sic]

Interstate 10 in both directions: from Exit 187 - US Route 61 to Exit 194 - State Highway 641 lane closed due to road construction work Comment: The existing concrete pavement will be patched and overlaid with asphalt. A high tension cable barrier will be installed in the median throughout St. James Parish. Eastbound lanes will be closed: Sunday through Thursday: Continously Friday and Saturday: 12 AM to 10 AM Westbound Lanes will be closed Monday: Continuous Tuesday and Wednesday: 12AM to 1PM Thursday: Continuous Friday: 12AM to 10AM Saturday: Continuous Sunday: 12AM to 10AM Motorists traveling west may take US 51 exit in LaPlace to US 61 North . Motorists traveling east may take US 61 South last updated November 25

WTF is that hot tranny mess? Are they closed eastbound "continously" Friday and Saturday, or from 12am to 10am? And, if this morning, they were to be closed from 12am to 10am, why were they still closed at 4pm when Miss Ginger drove past?! She's more confused than she usually is, but I guess we'd better take Highway 61 (the Airline Highway, though for the love of God she don't know why it's called that!) That b!tch gets some kinda cranky when she has to sit in traffic. And traffic makes her need to pee. Now. Always. She blames it on the traffic. Ya think it coulda been that triple venti nonfat caramel macchiatto she insisted on downing right before she got in the car?


Beth said...

Why wouldn't they do it in stages, so that not all the lanes are closed? Ugh, I hate road construction.

Hope you feel better.

Hugs, Beth

mistress maddie said...

I read that Miss G and your not the only one confused. I just hope you can have a wonderful holiday and not so much traveling,


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