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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miss Ginger Reaches Her Final Destination!

What a day Miss Ginger has had! She went to bed last night after her flight for this am was cancelled, and this morning at 6am when she went to the phone to call the airline to see if they could find her a flight before Saturday, she found a TripAlert from the airline telling her she had a flight at 9am! She has never packed a bag so fast in her entire life! Then she ran through the Mirage like a hot tranny mess to get to the car, get to the airport, and get to the check-in counter in time to check a bag! She actually made the flight, and while they sat at the gate, she called Travel Services and got her market trip rescheduled. The stars fell into alignment, and she made all the connections and made it to Baton Rouge, where she will start her day tomorrow.

She won't miss the chair at LVI, but she will miss all of the nice people and especially the cute doctors! She flirted shamelessly with "Dr. Todd" from operatory across the aisle. He was SUCH a cutie! She's not sure whether he likes boys or girls, but that's the FABULOUS thing about Miss Ginger: it doesn't really matter!
And in the cubicle next door was "Dr. Ben Affleck" and his cute patient, too. Dr. Ben is married, I think, but he's actually taller and cuter than the real Ben Affleck, so at least the eye candy was sweet! I think there's a great idea for a charity calendar: "The Hot Doctors of LVI"!
The teeth are in and the bite is leveled, and the rest of the work will happen in a few stages in Dr. Mitchmore's office to adjust the surfaces of the teeth to make them lock together naturally and form a strong, solid, permanent bite that will never deteriorate. A lot of cheaper dentists stop where I am now, but the whole point of what they teach at LVI is how to shape the chewing surfaces of the teeth to make the teeth work and feel as FABULOUS as they look!


mistress maddie said...

Oh Miss G-you do have good taste in doctors! My head dentist is also hot and I become all stupid around him!

Kailyn said...

Oh my. Those doctors are indeed fabulous. Can I have one for Christmas? Please...

Timmy said...

So glad you finally were able to get out of LAS!

Beth said...

I'm glad you were able to get out of LV! Surprising, because 4 inches in Vegas is probably like a foot here! What a crazy trip, but I'd expect nothing less....

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are home safe and sound, and hope your allergies are better today :o)

Dan said...

they are both damn cute
I think i will pull one of my own teeth so I can fly out and have them fix 'em!

Indigo said...

The smiles those two have are definitely contagious at the very least, and yes, eye candy. I had to look twice, the one in the pink shirt looks alot (too much like my first husband) and he wasn't a nice human being at all, actually he was the most violent of them all. (Hugs)Indigo


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