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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Ginger's Day Was Not So FABULOUS!

Oh, it started fine, if not a bit early. Miss G had to be a store a 7:30 am clear across town for a meeting with the CEO- so it's not like she can say "Um, 7:30's not gonna work for me!" Meeting went fine, but things slid downhill from there.

Next was an appointment with the sleep doctor, and Miss G was running late getting there, so of course she had to wait in the room for a while. So, as she sat on the paper covered table "resting her eyes" she heard the paper rustling in the wind. And then she realized there wasn't any wind in the room. She opened her eyes, and crawling on the paper next to her was the cutest little green gecko!

Of course, it gets startled and jumps to the floor, so Miss G is crawling around on her hands and knees looking for it when the Doctor walks in! She tells him she's looking for the gecko that was crawling on the paper, and as he's picking up the phone to call for a straight jacket the little thing darts across the room and hides behind the little curtain thingy that is supposed to provide you privacy but doesn't. We chase the gecko for a while, then proceed to the appointment where the Doctor always says the same thing- "Keep sleeping with your machine so you will wake up every day, and loose some weight so you won't fail to wake up someday." In a nutshell.

After being told she is too fat, Miss G drops in on her largest store, which is having great business lately, so the store is kinda messy. Messy in a good way, because that means they are buying. But when she talks to the GM about getting some help in there to get things cleaned up, this whole ugly budget conversation ensues. Miss G hates budgets- they get in the way of everything!!!
Now she's cranky, and hits the freeways for the drive home through Houston's infamously terrible traffic. The freeways suprisingly weren't congested.She has to stop at 2 drugstores, to pick up Jackson's prescription at the Kitty Drugstore, and her own prescription at Walgreens. The traffic on the surface roads was HORRIBLE! It took her an hour to run a local errand that should have taken 15 minutes! She was some kinda cranky by the time she got home!
So she fried up some pork chops and hashbrowns, opened herself a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and now she's happy as a clam. Let's just hope the DVR didn't fail to tape "Top Chef" last night- that would really set her off!


David Dust said...

Was there seriously a Gecko in your doctor's office - or am I missing something??

Are you sure it wasn't a Horny Toad?? See, I told you my Mama is from Texas!! :)

Keep drinking that wine and everything will get MUCH better...


miss alaineus said...


i am jealous of the wine, i only get the kid variety as in 'whine'...

i am sorry you had a bad day. at least your sleep dr saw the gecko. i almost got stuck in a 10 mile backup on the way home but heard the traffic on the radio right before it was too late to commit to the route so i did a maneuver and cut like 3 people off and got out of it. thank god am radio is good for something besides making fun of right wing conservatives-- they have traffic updates like every 7 minutes.

rentimpi-- was that the wine you had? i hear they make a nice chianti too.

ps. i think top chef is kinda sucky this time around. i fell asleep not once but twice last night, during the initial and the rerun episode right after it.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

There really was a gecko! and Top Chef IS kinda sucky this year... ya gotta admit. The people are so boring- even Crazy Carla flat irons her hair for the cameos!

Dannelle said...

Well, kiss a gecko! Wonder what kind of prince it would be...hmmm. Sorry about the frustrations of your day. TC may be a little sucky this seson but so are the contestants in my other favorite shows, Amazing Race and Survivor- maybe I am just depressed, Love and smoothes, Dannelle

WREDR- Wre!!! Dr., there is a gecko!

mistress maddie said...

Sorry to hear of your bad day today. Hope the weekend goes better for you. Have a couple of cock-atails.

Beth said...

LOL at Mistress Maddie's comment!

I hope the weekend is a fun and relaxing one for you, so you can put that bad day behind you!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I agree, your day make you cranky :o)

Glad you were able to wash away the day with a glass of wine and some comfort food :o)


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