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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miss Ginger Celebrates Diversity!

Architectural diversity, that is! Anyone who knows much about Miss G knows she LOVES buildings, especially old ones! (Her failed attempt to study architecture didn't disuade her interest- but that's another post!) She came across this great pictorial on the Houston Chronicle website that she thinks FABULOUSLY demonstrates Houston's architectural diversity.

While she's not sure she agrees that the Astrodome is the most important building in Houston (the thing is so UGLY!) she does acquiesce that is was the beginning of the domed stadium genre, and that makes it important! God knows Houston's developers LOVE to tear stuff down, so hopefully they can find a use for it before the wrecking ball hits it!
There are many old and new buildings that are significant in Houston, and Miss G's favorite new one has to be Williams tower, which was her trusty navigation system when she first moved here! It was a rotating beacon at the top, so she could even use it at night!

Also, props to GingerSnap Timmy- Project Row Houses made the list!


alnhouston said...

cool post. I had to smile with the Williams Tower comment(how long did it take me to quit calling it Transco Tower?)as it was my directional for my first year here as well.

Beth said...

Miss G, yet another thing we have in common. I'm no architect (but I play one on TV!). LOL Seriously, I'm also fascinated by architecture, including Frank Lloyd Wright since was so active in the Midwest. After our first visit to New Orleans, I bought a book about the city's architecture and learned about shotgun houses, Creole cottages, Creole townhouses, etc.

I'm especially fascinated by older buildings and their beautiful details. You don't see much of those kinds of details today, and it's a shame. We've toured a few historic homes in New Orleans, and enjoyed the glimpse of a time past.

Love, Beth

Timmy said...

The Dome needs a makeover. Maybe Miss Ginger can offer some beauty tips?

I have mixed feelings about the Dome. I remember when it was completed it was billed as The Eighth Wonder of the World. Good ole Texas marketing, eh?

And you're correct, it was the beginning of the enclosed stadiums. I love the fact that they thought grass would grow inside and when it wouldn't grow, Astroturf was created!

Jimbo said...

I've been to the Astrodome. I think I was 8 so that had to be back in...1975. *gasp* I don't remember much about it except it was a night game and the Astros were tied so the game went into extra innings and I was too tired to care about all the men in those tight pants.


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