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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Look at the meez® on the sidebar: poor Miss Ginger is all dressed up with no place to go! Ya see, on New Year's Eve Boy Ginger is ditching her to go the the black tie event at Hotel ZaZa. With no one to drive and without a proper escort, poor Miss Ginger will have to stay home with the kitties while Boy Ginger rings in the New Year! Here's the inimitable Miss Nancy Wilson asking you to comment!

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Beth said...

I'm sorry Miss Ginger has to stay at home this year, because she really does look FABULOUS!

Dannelle said...

Doesn't seem right, Miss G home on New Years Eve! Have a jolly time in your sexy black tie WOO HOO! Dannelle

badsou: A hangover cure. Originally created by an assistant Chef for his boss; made from les restes de poulet soupe with raw egg.

Timmy said...

Too bad Miss Ginger isn't in Palm Springs. She could drop in and visit with Kaye Sedilla on NYE.

Yasmin said...

I'm not doing anything either, but have a nice botle of Pinot Grigio, we'll have a toast together on Facebook.....


miss alaineus said...

is the event you wearing a tux like the event of me wearing a dress?

i dont know what i am doing yet. hopefully canoodling with the current candidate for v3.0. we'll see how that plays out.

if not i am going to a party with becky which should be interesting but i will drive so that eliminates the new year's day recovery plan.

en u l nes t

enulnest i can't wait for summer break! two weeks of sleep has done wonders for my skin!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope Boy G has a nice evening, sorry that Miss G will not :o(

We are staying in, doing fondue, and a bottle of Champagne :o)

mistress maddie said...

Miss Ginger is probably due for a little break,isn't she. And you should have sent me a email girl,I could have rented out the Boy-Toy to ya girl! Habe a wonderful time!


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