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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miss Ginger's Appears This Sunday!

Miss Ginger Grant will be appearing this Sunday night at Tony's Corner Pocket in support of her dear friend, Miss Marcia Mink Anne Gill Magillucutty Mary Magdalene Martha Jean Smith! Okay, I embellished a little, but damn, that gurl has a lotta names! Anyho (and all ho's..) she's candidate for Empress XXV of ERSICSS, and Miss G thought in the holiday spirit Miss G would help lil' Marcia and the Court celebrate 25 years of raising funds for the Houston GLBT community. She's got a festive little holiday outfit planned, assuming she get's back to H-town in enough time to let the f*&^ker out at the waist! Miss G's is getting to be such a big girl! Hope to see you tommorrow!


mistress maddie said...

Have a wonderful show and knock'em dead girl!!!

Kaio said...

Hi Miss Ginger!
Just to say thanks for having added my blog and following it!.
Have a great Sunday!
Cheers from London

Beth said...

We'll all look forward to hearing how it went! Hope you'll get some pictures!

Hugs, Beth


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