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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miss Ginger's Kitty has Dinner Guests!

Last night when Miss Ginger went out to check on Nog after work she discovered he had 2 guests for dinner! They were very gracious and not the least bit shy about letting Miss G know that they enjoyed her offerings, and they even stayed for a while after the meal to nap with Nog on his little sofa! I guess they are friends of his because he didn't seem to mind!
Celia was finishing up the housekeeping and when she saw them she exclaimed "Oh! Los kitties esta muy grande!" I don't think I ever did make the poor dear understand that they were "no esta los gatos, esta raccoons." I don't think they have raccoons in Mexico.

Anyho, since the exile of the possums from under the guest rooms bathtub, apparently los raccoons have claimed squatters rights. Miss Ginger is in a bit of a quandry because: a:) they are ADORABLE!, b:) they are not disgusting like possums are and c:) did I mention they are ADORABLE? However a:) they are wild animals living in a small domestic space b:) they are huge, and varacious eaters, and c:) they are surely carrying fleas, germs, and God knows what else. But unlike possums, raccoons are smart and dexterious, so it may be much more difficult to catch them, and Miss G's not sure she has the heart to sent them to the kitty concentration camp. So for now they are staying!
In other news, Miss G can't help but find her inner astronomer when she glances into the southwest sky at night. Right at dusk, before any other stars are visible, Venus and I believe Mercury shine brightly as solid orbs of light. They seem so close compared to the stars, and I guess they really are! Of course, they never fail to bring out Miss G's inner Diva:

Miss G used to love her some Bananrama when she was in college, even though they sing everything in unison because they aren't musically talented enough to harmonize. They are bubble gum pop at it's finest!

Texas seems to remain insulated to the economic downturn as business continues to boom! Miss Ginger is not sure whether people are spending more or whether she is just gaining market share from her defunct or flailing competetitors, but either way, we'll take it! 2 more days of Corporate Visitors next week, and then it's smooth sailing for Miss G through the rest of the Holiday Season!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Those little rascals are adorable, but you need to set traps and give them a new life far, far, away.

Glad that you are not being affected by the current economic problems. Come on Christmas Vacation :o)

Beth said...

Raccoons are so the summer, we usually see babies. And if the adults are adorable, the babies are 10 times more adorable!

But Ken is right. They're pesky. They have been known to kill cats, so Nog should be careful!

I think it's Venus and Jupiter that you're seeing in the evening sky. We saw them when we were driving to Missouri, and they were so bright and beautiful!

I cracked up at your comment on Bananarama, that they sang in unison because they weren't talented enough to harmonize. So true! Great fun from the 80's, though. "Cruel Summer" is a great summer song!

Hugs, Beth

Yasmin said...

Bananarama, still tour with the 80's revival in the UK, thanks for the touch of nostalgia.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Yes they are cute, but a bite will not be! I agree with Beth that is Jupiter and Venus.


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